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Spurs In For Bojan?

5 March 2009 by

After last summer’s sensational deal to take Barcelona wonderkid Giovani Dos Santos to White Hart Lane, recent reports have suggested that Tottenham could be set to go back to Barcelona for another of their youth products. It is beleived the club are interested in taking Bojan Krkic on loan next season.

Bojan: Broke Raul’s record for most La Liga goals in debut season

The 18-year-old striker made an instant impact on La Liga last season, but has struggled under new boss Pep Guardiola. A whole host of Europe’s top clubs are rumoured to be interested in bringing Bojan in on a permanant deal, however he still seems to be a big part of Barca’s future. Any deal could involve one of the Spaniard’s best friends, and former team-mate, Giovani. But after the Mexican has not been given a fair chance under Harry Redknapp, it could take a miricle for Gio to put in a good word about life in North London.

It is thought that Krkic wants to secure a move to a club where he can be rewarded with first-team football; but would Spurs give that?


  • mightyhammer

    interesting to hear that spurs could be in for him although I suppose it makes sense for clubs to be looking to buy him as he has so much potential.
    Do you, being a spurs fan, not get frustrated about how much money you guys spend on mediocre/good players yet they never play for you and they never get a good run in the team?? As a hammer however I do love to see spurs spending a load of money on rubbish!! then again, at least u hav money to spend, unlike us!!!

  • Richard Dunne likes Food

    Would be a cracking signing but very much doubt he’d sign for you.

    Maybe a possiblity for us??? (City)

  • mightyhammer

    wat like Kaka did lol???
    good luck to u city and maybe u will sign som1 half decent in the summer lol
    looks like the hammers r gona get UEFA Cup footy next year!! Woop Woop!!

  • Giovani Dos Never Gets PLayed (author)

    What annoys me is signing players like Bentley when we already have a twice as good winger in Lennon. We don’t spend money in the problem areas (except from Palacios, Defoe, Modric, Corluka).

    As far as Bojan is concerned, I reckon he is very much up for grabs. City are now looking like a big club, and Zola might be able to attract these players.

  • Richard Dunne likes Food

    mighthammer, are you having a soapy bath ???

    As far is Kaká is ocnerned, our bid was accepted and his father was willing to come to Manchester, but it was the fans’ reaction, showing such passion and commitment, that convinced Milan not to sell.

    Then you declare that we will maybe sign ‘som1′ – I presume you mean someone – half-decent in the summer – that is just a stupid proclamation because any proper sports fan will know that City will be major players in the summer transfer window.

    No chance of West Ham getting UEFA Cup football – just not enough strength in depth. And not enough quality in the squad. There is more chance of West Brom winning the Champions League than of you getting into Europe.

  • Richard Dunne likes Food

    should say ‘concerned’ in the second sentence

  • mightyhammer

    well 7th position is ours at the mo and it looks it will mean european football!!
    I was just joking altho if ur to sign someone really good then mark Hughes needs to start negotiating early on in the summer because in January i think he started to late on in January… What do you think???
    And come’on WEST BROM!!!! REALLY!!!!
    ur man city aston villa review was awesome by the way

  • Richard Dunne likes Food

    Although you’re in seventh position at the moment, it won’t last! Trust me.

    Hughes will have already started negotiating for the summer, he is well prepared and knows what he is doing. As for January, he would have started in about September to plan what he needed over the new year period. We signed Wayne Bridge about three days into the window, and although we only signed Bellamy, Given and de Jong later on in the month, we had been negotiating from very early on.

    West Brom was a form of overstated humour to emphasise and highlight my point.

    Thanks, and I already knew :D

  • mightyhammer

    well we will see won’t we. i reckon it will be close.

    thats interesting to no actually cos from an outsider it looked like hughes had just wasted his time in the january transfer window. altho i do think he cud have signed some more players in the window period!
    is there ny1 that u wud like to see him sign in the summer?????

    Very confident in urself lol

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